Donors' Voice
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We are proud to share our donors' enthusiasm for the "Oasis of Peace:"

What you are doing is INCREDIBLE.  I was fortunate enough to visit Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam this summer and was impressed by the dialogue that the place creates.  I love how you don’t ignore the differences between  cultures or languages, but rather form a discourse surrounding them. - Elizabeth N.

I get very discouraged reading and hearing the news from the Middle East.  I crave peace, and you at NSWAS have the courage, the perseverance and the good sense to ignore the news and just live together in peace.  You are proof it can be done. - Samuel & Judith L.

You hold the flame of hope for those who are skeptical and cynical about the possibility of peace!  You grow it from the children up – the only way for it to last. - Debbie & Paul Z.

The time for peace is now! - Rita S. P.

We have lived in Israel/Palestine and know firsthand how desperately peace between Israelis and Palestinians is needed. - Ken & Kathryn S.

We’ve always been happy to visit NSWAS.  One year our family met there and stayed for the Passover.  What a happy remembrance. - Phyllis Ann F.

Kipling said “East is East, West is West, until two stout hearted men face each other man to man!”  I have always felt if we don’t have peace in Israel, we may not survive the en total.  I wish there were more villages like Neve Shalom. - Jackie B.

I want Israel to survive which is only possible if there is peace with Palestinians.  You are a small example but very important!  That living together in peace is possible. - Moshe B.

At this time of Rosh Hashana, I am moved to make this small contribution on behalf of the Jewish Israelis and Palestinian Israelis who are living and working for a beautiful ideal of unity. - Marion Rose D.

I believe that Israelis welfare rests in peace with the Palestinians.  That’s why I support the “Oasis of Peace”; It’s a very worthy cause. - Beatrice G. R.

Richard Goodwin’s total dedication to this project and his search for peace in the middle east.  I have never met a more dedicated person. - Arnold F.

We visited Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam some years ago and admire they way Palestinians and Israeli Jews live together.  It is ideal for the country! I personally believe in a state solution. - Rabbi Herbert & Tamar B.

Education, Studying and working together is the best way to know one another. - Anonymous

Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam is my hope for peace between Israeli Jews and Palestinians. - Anonymous

While we idealize congeniality among groups who have historic differences, you are actually doing and living it.  As historic, traditional brothers/sisters, you are showing us how to express a positive relationship.  I admire your program and consistent efforts more than I can say. - Anonymous

We visited Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam many years ago. Your approach is the key to the future of peaceful relations between Arab and Jews. - Anonymous

If young children, along with their parents, learn friendship and respect, language and honest relationships, I believe they have a chance to influence not just their own lives, but their families and communities. - Anonymous

I am impressed by your bravery and determination to live together in the face of the opposition stacked against you!- J.B. & Françoise L.

I think Oasis of Peace is a great example and I wish it could be duplicated all over Israel and Palestine (eventually).- Joyce L.

I have known about Neve Shalom Wahat al-Salam for many years.  I was with the group that gave them the peace award in San Francisco also some of your early teachers spent time with us in our home.  I think you are wonderful. - Anonymous

War is no longer the answer.  We must learn to live peacefully and respectfully with one another.  We are more alike than different and these ideas are reality based in your community. - Anonymous

It builds on hope. I visited NSWAS on my first trip to Israel in 1983 and had the great and humble pleasure to meet one of its founders. The vision and the reality continue to be inspiring. - Carol A.

I was in Jerusalem in 1993 and visited the Oasis of Peace.  I was so thrilled and overjoyed seeing how the Israeli’s and Palestinians lived and got along so well together!  I keep praying it will happen soon in all Palestine and Israel! - Lois H.

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