We are empowering a new generation of peace-seekers. The WASNS Primary School, the first of its kind, teaches children from preschool to 6th grade in both Arabic and Hebrew. Truly a bilingual and multinational environment, children and families learn to value both cultural traditions and value the culture of others. Not only does the primary school teach an ever-increasing number of children, it has also led the way to the formation of more bilingual and multinational schools in an increasing number of regions.

We give doctors the tools they need to help their patients. Whether through the Humanitarian Aid Program’s delivery of no-fee medical support to marginalized communities or the School for Peace’s training for Palestinian and Jewish mental health professionals, WASNS is committed to enabling doctors to help people on both sides of the border— every step of the way.

  We bring art and activism together. At the art gallery, Palestinian and Jewish artists work together through exhibitions and workshops inviting the public into meaningful and conversation-provoking art. People from around the world gather to observe, discuss, and interact with art inspired by difficult topics, such as violence against women and the refugee crisis. 

We demonstrate the power of dialogue. Partnership-building courses at the School for Peace connect people with diverse backgrounds and interests to each other and to the skills they need to transform conflict into possibility. Nava Sonnenschein’s new book, The Power of Dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians, showcases interviews of former School for Peace students as they discuss how they have used what they learned in their lives during the intervening decade. 

We inspire hope. As WASNS grows, more and more people are beginning to listen to our message— that peace is possible, that our common human identity means more than anything that divides us.  Every action that WASNS undertakes with your help starts a chain reaction of peace and understanding. 

Peace is a place at WASNS. Let’s be a part of that peace.


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