Educational Materials

Use the "Oasis of Peace" Curriculum in Your Classroom


We have produced a 4-part curriculum targeting high school students that utilizes the methods and experience of the “Oasis of Peace” and high school participants of School for Peace workshops to explore issues of stereotypes, identity, and conflict resolution.

Click here to download the free curriculum for use in your school, synagogue, church or mosque, or to share with a teacher you know. For the corresponding video and background materials, please email us at, subject “Curriculum Materials” and provide your mailing address so that we can send these items, free of charge.

* Books for children and adults, along with research publications, are available for purchase. Supplies vary and some patience may be needed while publishers restock. See our Shop.

Bring the Story

If you are interested in bringing the village's story to your community, contact our staff ( or call 818-662-8883) to help set up a speaking engagement with a board member or staff, in an area near you.