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The Pluralistic Spiritual Center

In memory of Father Bruno Hussar, the Pluralistic Spiritual Center constitutes a framework for encounter activities, study and reflection, based on values of equality, justice and reconciliation. Its activities draw inspiration from the resources and spiritual traditions of the Middle East and the world at large.

Programs focus on open, inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue, and the advancement of peace. The Center is set apart on a pleasant corner of the hilltop and comprises the House of Silence (Bet Doumia / Bet as-Sakinah) for reflection and meditation, opened in the 1980s; and the Meeting, Prayer and Study House, opened in 2006.

The Pluralistic Spiritual Center conducts activities for the general public. It coordinates seminars and lectures on spiritual and ethical values. Programs include Dirasat, three seminars on Feminism in Islam, the Image of Jesus in Hebrew Literature and A Christian Palestinian Reading of the Old Testament. Another program, Mediation in a Multicultural Context is developing a topology of mediation in a multicultural society, aiming to publish a curriculum based on pilot training of mediators and mediator-trainers, focusing on the role and process of mediation between the Jewish and Arab-Palestinian society in this context. “Massar Masa” brings together young people to discover the stories of their shared homeland and rediscover hope in the possibility of living together in peace.