Public education and outreach out to US-based schools requesting curricular or practical help in conflict resolution, with a four-part H.S. curriculum, background videos and printed materials provided free of charge; Free lectures and presentations to community, professional groups, teachers, clergy and religious congregations; Support for independent research on tools, techniques and framework of the Primary School and the School for Peace. All reports are provided free of charge, enabling others to use the findings.

Newsletters, program-specific brochures and updates provided quarterly to full list via postal mailing and social media. These include information about the conflict, specific information about the programs of NSWAS that address the conflict, along with requests to support these programs. 

AFNSWAS is committed to cost-effective practices and transparency.  For more than 35 years, AFNSWAS has depended on outreach through mail, public presentations and reports to educate the public about our mission. The mission of AFNSWAS –to support the work of the Primary School, the School for Peace and the Pluralistic Spiritual Center in strengthening a shared society between Israeli Palestinians and Jews through education, engagement and activism – thereby reducing and transforming conflict, begins with outreach and education, but may also include requests for contributions to support that mission. As a result, and in accordance with Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines, we allocate a portion of our outreach costs to program services and to fundraising. We are committed to ensuring our donor’s money is spent as effectively and transparently as possible.

Program: 84.0%

Mgt and general: 7.8%

Fundraising: 8.2%