Connecting with Media

We want to get our message out to people in all kinds of places and communities.

  • Like us on our Facebook pages
  • Introduce our staff to an editor of your local newspaper. Contact us to set up a meeting
  • Have you visited the Oasis of Peace? Write about what you learned through your experience and send it to us. We can share it with our website readers or in one of our newsletters

Introduce a Friend to the Oasis of Peace

As a small organization, we often find our best supporters through word of mouth. If you have interested friends or family please tell them about us and share our website! We can also send you additional materials.

Host an Event

  • Introduce a few of your friends to the work of the Oasis of Peace through a small after work, early evening, brunch or picnic gathering at your home. Our staff is glad to walk you through the steps and help make sure the event is a success!
  • Organize challenges or events like walks, bike rides or a golf, tennis or bowling tournament in support of a particular project at the Oasis of Peace: bilingual teacher support at the Primary School, Change Agents training programs at the School for Peace, Palestinian and Jewish Youth Encounters at the Pluralistic Spiritual Center; Humanitarian Medical Aid for Gaza and the West Bank.
  • Find a retailer who cares about Israel and Palestine and who wants to support something positive and would talk with you about donating a small percentage of sales on one specific day (one time only or once a month,) to the Oasis of Peace. We will provide you and the retailer with needed supporting materials.
  • Celebrate special occasions with your family and friends (bar mitzvahs, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, holiday parties, weddings) by asking that in lieu of traditional gifts, donations be made to the Oasis of Peace. Our staff can provide supporting materials and experience.

If you live in or near a major urban center, it may be possible to set up a visit with one of our staff at your event.

Volunteer or Intern for the American Friends

Are you looking for volunteer opportunities? Every year, we look for volunteers and interns to help us with various projects in our office. If you would like to volunteer for a few hours or for a longer time, from our office in Glendale, CA, please contact us at or at 818-662-8883.

Please note that this is an unpaid position. To obtain college credit, the intern will need to work with her/his college or university, and we will provide supervision and a letter verifying the work done.

To apply for an internship please email us at with a cover letter and resume.

Intern or Volunteer in the Village

Every year, the Oasis of Peace receives an international volunteer for a period of 6 -9 months. If you would like to volunteer in Wahat al-Salam - Neve Shalom information can be found here